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Bushfire Recovery Faraway Farm Foods
Bushfire Recovery Faraway Farm Foods

Bushfire Recovery

We wanted to show our support for our friends, fellow community members, and local businesses and producers who have suffered losses through the recent and ongoing bushfires that have ravaged, and continue to threaten, the Far South Coast of New South Wales by linking you directly to them.

Below are links to their individual fundraising campaigns. Whilst it is wonderful to support national campaigns, we would also like to encourage helping people directly. There are a lot less hoops and paperwork for them to navigate through and direct funding helps these folks out immediately. 

Gaia Range Farm

Massi and Melinda - Gaia Range Farm, Bemboka

Quite a significant portion of Gaia Range Farm, the beloved property of our friends Massi and Melinda, was burnt during the Yankee's Gap Fire that hit Bemboka in 2018. Although the majority of the infrastructure was spared during that event, it was annihilated during the Werri Berri fire that struck Bemboka on New Year's Eve 2019.

Melinda and Massi write ...

"Thank You very much for all the messages and offers you guys are sending to us. We are deeply touched by your generosity.

This end of the year has been the most challenging for us. As the bigger front of the fire is passing through, we are slowly thinking to come back to the property. Many of you, beautiful people, shared the desire to help us with what you can, here there is a way to do so. The money will go to purchase the basic infrastructures we lost: water tank, pipes, generator, kitchen burners etc.

Thank You for supporting us to rebuild our farm."

You can support Massi and Melinda HERE


The Dispensary, Cobargo

Shona Taranto - The Dispensary, Cobargo

Shona from The Dispensary in Cobargo is one of our wonderful retailers whose predominant focus is on the health of all her customers. Sadly, her entire business premises and her farm were destroyed in the NYE fire. We would love to see Shona back up and running as soon as she can. Her health-focused business is incredibly important to the folk of the Cobargo township.

Shona Taranto writes ...

"I’m raising money to re-establish The Dispensary at Cobargo, Far South a Coast NSW. A professional Naturopathic clinic providing the best in complimentary health for locals and visitors to the Sapphire Coast NSW.

On NYE 2019, The historic village of Cobargo was devastated by the catastrophic bushfires in Australia.

My professional clinic and shop burnt to the ground , along with many of the other loved businesses.

The town was historic, and as such the buildings were built from classic colonial materials, a majority from stone and wood. Unfortunately insurance companies do not cover for fire in these instances.

This fundraising campaign is to raise funds to help re-establish my place of business and all proceeds will go directly to the re-build.

The Dispensary Cobargo was a unique space, the interior of the clinic and store hand crafted by us. We so very much want to be an ongoing part of this beautiful and strong community and offer our farm produce , health foods and professional services to locals and visitors to this region in 2020.

Please help us re-build this community"

You can help support Shona HERE


Ken Alexander, Cobargo

Ken Alexander - Two Dragon Clinic, Cobargo

Ken is another valued Bega Valley health care practitioner (acupuncture) who lost his home, practice and medicinal garden during the firestorm that struck Cobargo on New Year's Eve.

Felicie Vachon writes ...

"Our dear friend, Ken Alexander, Cobargo's most special wizard, lost his house in the NYE bushfires. And with his house burnt his medicinal garden. There are no words to describe his loss. But of course legendary Ken knows how to stay positive and from the ashes he would like to start The Beauty & the Beast Sanctuary Project. Please help him by donating, sharing and loving his idea. Thank you.

The Beauty and The Beast Sanctuary project: "to remedy the aftermath of the hungry bushfire (The Beast) with generosity of plant vitality (The Beauty) to recover from the smoke damage and to Breathe New Life into the Burnt Landscape... We offer the creation of a Medicine Plant Mandala as a healing space to the community and a natural holding-place for Beauty itself to Breathe fresh air."

Thank you from him and all of us who love him."

You can help support Ken HERE


 More to come. Please check back soon.

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