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Kombucha Faraway Farm Foods
Kombucha Faraway Farm Foods

Faraway Farm Kombucha

Watermelon & Mint Kombucha

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a delicious and refreshing sweet/sour fermented tea drink full of probiotics to promote good gut health. It is a wonderfully healthy alternative to the sugar-filled soft drinks, juices, sweetened milks, and energy drinks that abound us today.

Faraway Farm Kombucha is made traditionally from a brew of cooled, sweetened organic black tea. We use pure rainwater collected on our farm situated in the rugged mountain hinterland of the beautiful Bega Valley.

Whilst kombucha begins its life as a sweet substance, over time the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (the scoby) that is added to the brew in the beginning, slowly eats the majority of the sugar away and by the end of the fermentation process you are left with kombucha tea. It is difficult to try and describe the taste of kombucha to someone who has never had it before but we have often heard people say it's a little like apple cider vinegar but much more pleasant. You will definitely be left with a zing in your cheeks and possibly even a spring in your step.

Flavouring Kombucha

Unflavoured kombucha, straight off the brew, is delicious! But one of the things we love the most about making kombucha is the infinite number of flavour sensations that can be created during a second ferment.

One of our main objectives for our kombucha has been to keep our flavours seasonal using only local, chemical-free produce. This keeps food miles low, supports regenerative growing practices within the community, and promotes better gut health which is what drinking kombucha is all about. So whilst you may enjoy a bottle of Cucumber and Mint Kombucha one week, next week you may find that flavour has been replaced by a Beetroot & Ginger Kombucha, or a Strawberry & Basil Kombucha.

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